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      Jan 04, 2018
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Itsy Bitsy Spider Song, Nursery Rhyme Video, Lyrics & App

Watch & listen to Itsy Bitsy Spider song, download the app for free. Kids will love spider-boy’s adventure to live happily ever after with itsy bitsy spider

Spiderman coming home and climb up the water spout to meet his sweet heart, the itsy bisty spider in this cute and funny itsy bitsy spider song.

In this video, we see that itsy bitsy spider tries to climb up the water spout, but the rain washes her out.

But the itsy wincy spider didn’t give up, and she tries again, and she makes it to the roof.

The Spider-boy comes back home to meet his sweet heart, tries to climb up the water spout as well.

Alas, he is too big, but he didn’t give up, and he uses his spider web to climb up the house.

In the end, the Spider-Boy and the itsy bitsy spider live happily ever after.

itsy bitsy spider song

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Spiderman Went Up The Water Spout Lyrics

The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Went Up The Water Spout
Down Came The Rain, and Wash the Spider Out
Out Came the Sunshine, And It Dried Up All The Rain
And The Itsy Bity Spider Went Up The Spout Again

The Very Big Spider Went Up The Water Spout
DOwn Came The Rain, But It Didn’t Wash Him Out
Out Came The Sunshine, and It Dried Up All The Rain
And The Very Big Spider Made It To The Top

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Song

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