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First… Then… Transition Time App

First… Then… Transition Time App is an app to help children in the autism spectrum transition from one activity to another activity smoother.

Children and adults with autism and/or ADHD often find themselves struggle in transition between activities.

Individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and/or ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) more likely to receive instructions better with visual communication instead of verbal communication.

A visual schedule like this app can help these individuals to get some ideas what they are expected to do now and help them anticipate the next activity.

People who are in the spectrum usually don’t deal with unexpected activity or routine well, they do better when they know what their next routine is.

This method has been helpful for my daughter who happens to be in the spectrum and teach her that once she is done with a certain activity, the next activity is waiting for her.

This app also helps children and adults who struggle to express their feelings through facial expression. They can pick and click on the icon that represents how they feel at the moment with the “I’m feeling …” feature.

For children and adults who have trouble sleeping, the “White Noise” feature may help wind you down and relax. You can choose the noise of rain, beach, river, car or just the sound of static to help calm you down before falling asleep.

Upcoming features in the next update:
-. more than 2 options (first -> next -> then -> after -> finally) for the visual schedule.
-. option to choose different avatar.
-. ability to use your own image(s).