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The Opposites Song

Let’s teach children opposites with ‘The Opposites Song For Kids’. With this video, kids will learn the opposites of big and small, tall and short, open and close, near and far.

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Is it time to teach things that are opposites to children? you are in luck, we have a video for that.

With this video, Rora will help show your children the opposites of big and small, with an lephant being the big animal and a rabbit as the small animal.

Mommy will also stand next to Rora, so your child can see that mommy is tall, while Rora is short.

Rora will also show that she is happy and jumping while mommy is sad.

On the table, we will see a hot soup next to a cold ice cream, which are opposites.

Empty glass and a full glass come up next to show the opposites in volume.

We will open and close a toy box so children will learn what open and close mean.

Last but not least, we will see a ball far from our sight and another ball closer to us, which indicates the opposites in distance.

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Happy learning, everybody.

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